PPE Donation to Blantyre DHO

Following a generous donation from The Rotary Club of Epsom to which AMECA added some funding, a donation of N-95 masks, disposable aprons and coverall suits was made to the Blantyre District Health Office. The protective equipment was distributed to several primary healthcare clinics, including AMECA’s clinic at Chilaweni.

There is a pressing need to source PPE for the healthcare staff and AMECA was supplied with a list of equipment requirements. After consultation with clinical staff in the UK working with Covid-19 patients, a decision was made to focus on the most essential items, given the available funding.

The coveralls will be shared between all healthcare facilities in the Blantyre District and to date, the following clinics had already received their coveralls: Madziabango, Lundu, Gateway, Mdeka, Chimembe, Kadidi,  Chirimba,  Chikowa, South Lunzu, Bangwe,  Zingwangwa, Mpingo and Ndirande.


The Blantyre District Health Administrator quoted: “Finally convey our profound gratitude to the AMECA Trust for the timely donation given to Blantyre DHO at the time of the year when the whole world has been hit by this deadly pandemic and commodities are very scarce and expensive. The PPE will surely assist so much in the fight against COVID-19.”

On behalf of the Directors of The AMECA Trust, we would like to extend heartfelt thanks to The Rotary Club of Epsom, in the UK, for making this donation possible.

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