Physiotherapy servcies at AMECA Health Centre

Disability in the villages, whether through trauma, neurological or other medical conditions, presents insurmountable challenges for so many. Few people can afford the transport to a tertiary hospital and most rural health centres do not have either the qualified staff or any facilities to offer physiotherapy or treatment.

AMECA commissioned Field Officers from Joshua Community & Orphan Care to carry out a basic survey of disability needs in some of the AMECA Health Centre catchment villages earlier this year, which provided an initial snapshot of the range and ages of disability amongst the community and the challenges faced.

Meetings were held at the Blantyre District Health Office with the District Health Officer, District Medical Officer and DHO Physio team member Chikondani, to discuss the feasibility of implementing Physiotherapy services at the AMECA Health Centre.

Physiotherapy equipment, including a Tens machine, exercise ball, mats and an infra-red lamp were purchased in the UK, as this was far less expensive than procuring in Malawi.

The exercise ladder and mirror however, were made by a local carpenter, Gibson, who did an amazing job at very cost-effective pricing.

DHO Physio Team member Chindikani conducted a staff induction for the implementation of Physiotherapy services at the Health Centre. The physio clinic opened to patients in January 2023.

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