AMECA Fundraising Challenges in Malawi

Why not do something amazing by taking part in a life-changing challenge that will provide you with the experience of a lifetime and raise much-needed funds for our projects? Through Secret Compass, you can you will find yourself making a real contribution to local African communities, in addition to fundraising for AMECA.

Whether you are a student or you want to get a group of friends or work colleagues together, Secret Compass will provide a bespoke fundraising expedition for your group. View one of the student challenges on offer for 2018 and lift yourself out of the ordinary by participating in a fundraising challenge. Secret Compass and AMECA can tailor the length and timing of the challenge to suit the needs of your particular group.

Climb Mount Mulanje and  get involved in community projects in what our students describe as a life changing experience.

Take a look at the video:




Spent time at Chilaweni Village, where AMECA is building a primary healthcare clinic and become involved in one of the community projects.




Join observational visits to Tertiary and district hospitals in Malawi and visit The AMECA Wing at Beit Cure Hospital in Blantyre



For more information on challenges, send us an email or contact Secret Compass.