AMECA Wing Update June 2012

We are very pleased to say that in it’s first year of operation, the AMECA Wing and AMECA Cafe generated a gross figure of just under £16,000. After costs and equipment, this has resulted in substantial funds being available for the treatment of paediatric orthopaedic conditions for children in Malawi. In practice, this means that children who would have had no chance whatsoever, to receive treatment for often totally curable conditions, will be able to go to school and grow up with a chance to lead normal lives.

On my recent visit to Malawi, I was really pleased to see that The AMECA Cafe at CURE is producing some really nice food and can really recommend this as a great lunch place, should you ever happen to be in Blantyre! The place looks fantastic and staff and visitors very much appreciate having somewhere peaceful to sit and eat. People also enjoy working out there and both the outside balcony area and training rooms are being well used.

Some of you will remember all the equipment you so kindly donated over Christmas 2010 and I am sure you will be pleased to know just how much it is appreciated and how much it is being used in the Wing and Cafe.

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