AMECA 5th Anniversary Celebration

AMECA recently celebrated its 5th anniversary as a registered charity; we were really proud that our patron, Tim Butcher, travelled to the UK to attend all the events.

Presentations were given at several locations, including Bradfield College, Southampton University together with a high profile event at St John’s School in Leatherhead, Surrey. Where Tim Butcher, an award-winning writer and correspondent, addressed an audience of over 200 of AMECA’s supporters. Tim spoke about the moments of great inspiration and desperation he encountered travelling over ground through war zones in the Congo and Liberia.

Tim commented

AMECA is a fantastic charity, of which I am honoured to be patron. The work AMECA does providing quality healthcare in Africa is the key to unlocking the potential of these countries.”

AMECA is very grateful for the enormous support shown over the week; we are proud to be celebrating our achievements over the past five years and to be able to talk about the new challenges we are facing. We would like to acknowledge the amount of really hard work and help undertaken by so many people, together with all the people who have made generous donations to us; you know whom you are!

If you wish to support us in persuing our goals and projects over the next 5 years and beyond, please consider making a regular donation to AMECA. Even if you can only spare a few pounds a month, it really does make a difference!  Giving form

Tim Butcher and Ruthie Markus at AMECA fifth anniversary celebration.

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