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In August 2010, Captain Lev Wood, a long standing friend of Alex, led an expedition to drive two ambulances from the UK to Malawi, where they were donated to The Beit CURE International Hospital in Blantyre.

Purchased and modified in the UK, the ambulances were driven approximately 10,000 miles through 22 countries to our destination in Blantyre, Malawi. The team consisted of a range of highly qualified young professionals, including four former members of the Armed Forces, a trained doctor and AMECA’s founder, Ruth Markus. These volunteers, who funded their own expenses, donated whatever time they could afford, to join the expedition at various stages.

After many adventures, a serious ferry delay in Egypt and a few mechanical hitches, the expedition arrived safely in Malawi, some six weeks after departure from the UK. The vehicles and their cargo of equipment and medical supplies were donated to the BEIT CURE International Hospital in Blantyre, where they are currently being used to provide much-needed transport for patients at the hospital.

More detail on the adventures of the expedition can be viewed at

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