Founded in December 2006 by Ruth Markus, in memory of her only child Alex.  AMECA is committed to healthcare delivery, training healthcare professionals and to healthcare education in sub-Saharan African countries, through sustainable initiatives.

Our Ethos:

Typically, sub-Saharan African countries suffer from paucity of healthcare facilities, healthcare professionals, equipment and drugs. Transport  to the nearest urban health facility is often non-existent or unaffordable; patients routinely face  severe levels of over-crowding and under-resourcing.

We strive, through sustainable initiatives, to address these challenges.



We are a small, but growing charitable trust with 6 Directors who give their time freely and tirelessly. We work from home and keep administrative costs to an absolute minimum.

Board of Directors: Ruth Markus (CEO & Founder), Hugh Freedberg (Chairman), Paul Thomas (Medical Director), Lorraine Freedberg, Anthony Redshaw and Graham Jewell.

In the UK, AMECA is registered with The Charity Commission. To view charity information: Click to view  (opens in a new window and type in 1121240 in the search box)

Charity Accounts

To view the charity’s latest accounts, click on these links:

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In Malawi, we are incorporated under The Malawi Government Companies Act as AMECA Healthcare Africa Limited. Company No. 12853  Certificate of Incorporation.

Board of Directors: Krishna Savjani OBE SC (Chairman), Ruth Markus (Company Secretary & CEO), Paul Thomas (Medical Director) and Terence Sequeira.

Our Patrons

Tim Butcher and Major Levison Wood

Tim is a former journalist with the Daily Telegraph from 1990 to 2009 as chief war correspondent, Africa bureau chief and Middle East correspondent. A great adventurer, Tim is the author of Blood River, “a journey to Africa’s broken heart” and Chasing the Devil, “the search for Africa’s fighting Spirit”. Tim is also patron to Save the Congo.  For Tim’s latest news and updates go to his facebook page and click ‘Like’.


Levison Wood is a writer and photographer who has covered conflicts, events and stories around the world for over ten years. His work has featured in international publications around the world including the BBC, National Geographic, Forbes Magazine and CNN. Levison spent a number of years as an Officer in the British Parachute Regiment. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He is a director of Secret Compass, with whom he has led pioneering journeys into undiscovered regions including the first ever successful walk across Madagascar.

In October 2015, Lev has become the first person to attempt to walk the entire length of the River Nile. Lev set off in December 2013 on a journey down the Nile through Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, North Sudan and Egypt. In August 2014, Lev reached the Mediterranean Sea, nine months and 3750 miles after beginning his epic challenge. (Filmed by Channel 4).

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Our Objectives


Our Beliefs


We believe in sustainable and achievable ventures.  Healthcare initiatives should be sustainable over the long term, striving to solve issues at their root cause, rather than be a well intentioned, but short-term “fix”.

We believe in working in partnership with others.  AMECA works with established medical schools, hospitals, doctors and other organisations, both in the UK and in Africa. Such partnerships are vital to the long-term sustainability of any venture.


We believe in local community involvement and ownership.  Only through local community input and ownership will projects survive, flourish and gain local respect and be valued.

We believe in keeping administration costs to a minimum. AMECA strives to make every penny count by minimising all costs where possible. We work from our homes and reduce all expenditure to only the absolute essentials.

We believe in donated funds being correctly applied.  AMECA gives its assurance that all funds will be paid directly to only recognised contractors and partners with a proven track record of integrity.