In 2012, AMECA launched a directory of opportunities for UK surgeons and other clinicians wishing to visit African hospitals, to share expertise in training and clinical specialties. We make no charge for use of the directory, but  please consider making a small donation, if you have found this helpful, for which we will be most grateful.


African hospitals suffer from a huge lack of trained clinicians; one cost-effective solution is to encourage UK surgeons and other clinicians to donate their time and skills on the ground in African countries, in effect to act as mentors for surgical trainees.
Additionally, elective students in the UK often incur very costly fees by commercial companies who offer an elective package, but many students are unable to afford these fees. The database provides a wealth of information for students who would like to undertake medical, nursing or physiotherapy electives in an African hospital.


We are very proud that The College of Surgeons of East Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) has endorsed AMECA’s database. AMECA makes presentations at the COSECSA conferences, which are held each year in various African countries.

AMECA makes annual presentations at The Global frontiers Conferences at The Royal College of Surgeons in London.

The directory provides information on African hospitals which have registered their interest in receiving UK clinicians who can offer specialist training and teaching in their hospitals. The directory also is used by UK medical and other healthcare students to research into suitable placements at African hospitals for their elective studies.

For more information on the surgical training initiative, go to Surgical Training Link.


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